SKKB Dolphins Rugby Team from SK Kampong Bahagia made their 2nd appearance during the COBRA 10s Mini Tournament at RRIM Sungai Buloh, Selangor last week. Their first appearance was at the KL Tigers International 10s 2017 at EPSOM College, N9 and at that time they were new to rugby and they lost all game without any chance to fight.

But this time, they’ve already learnt a lesson and they train really hard to face up their opponent. They played better than before and they lose all game but this time not in an easy way. They lose to their opponent mostly at the last minute of game and never let their opponent easily make a try.

This showed that their effort was paid and they need to head up and move forward without looking back. They need to prepare for next game and they need to train harder than before. They were the only team representing Hilir Perak for Under 6 age group and they still lack of players.

We really hope that they can make a big change of mindset for their community to play rugby and make our nation are the Rugby Nation!

1..2..3.. Dolphins!



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