Sorry for the late guys… to many tournament and too many works to do. So this is it… The images for Day 1 of Jitra Old Boys Rugby 10s Tournament 2018.

P/s : If at any time you wish to Buy the original copy of the images (full size without watermark for personal use) you can directly whatsapp or email us at the contact given below. Cheers 🙂

The details of the price are at the picture. click the images and you can look the details.. If you dont sure about it just text me ok? 🙂

Location :Kem Sultan Abdul Halim, Jitra, MY
photo Courtesy By :
Afifi Arif
Principal Photographer @
“Create The Moments”
Call @ SMS :019-5772599
Official website :
Email :

P/s : Click on the images in the gallery to see the bigger images.


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