Hi Guyz! Here we are again at this so called Ruckarena.com where we cover action images of sports especially Rugby…Yeah! So this time we are at the MSS Perak U18 Rugby Tournament that were held at Lenggong, Perak. After so long time Hulu Perak District didn’t hosted the rugby tournament here. This time it was the Under 18 tournament where 11 teams will compete for the Champion title.

Not much action for this tournament coz our main team to cover this time is just for the Hilir Perak Rugby and KBS Dolphins Rugby Club. Most team were fully prepared for this tournament and Hilir Perak Rugby also setup their team but not as perfect as other teams. They only managed to get several Under 18 players and the rest are from Under 14-16 age range. They played quite well…sometimes they could hold game and at some time they couldnt attack well.

But hey, its a development programme for them rite? don’t worry coz they still have ample time to do their development. so lets watch the action!

Location : Lenggong, Perak, MY
photo Courtesy By :
Afifi Arif
Principal Photographer @ Ruckarena.com
“Create The Moments”
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