We are at SK Pos Bersih this week for some Get Into Rugby Play Session that is Pos Bersih Rugby Challenge held by SK Pos Bersih. SK Pos Bersih was a school that situated in one of the rural area in Perak in the Batang Padang District. we can see from the map that there is no big federal road to that area.

It was really amazing that they could host a great rugby tournament although it was only 8 teams but it gives big impact to the citizen nearby. We all know that places like this normally famous with football with the Orang Asli Kids play football as their main sport and as their main entertainment. But this school already changed up those mentality and the kids from that school played a very good rugby and you know what? They won as the Cup Champion!

Sk Pos Bersih Rugby Team also known as Semai Warrior showed a very good rugby skills and they manage to beat all the opponent on that day including the school that come from other places like Manjung and Tanjung Malim.

Some of the other player also come from Orang Asli School and the boys can play rugby very well. We are really amazed with that rugby cultures and they can go further in rugby if given more opportunity and spaces.

Good Job!

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Location :SK Pos Bersih, Slim River, MY
photo Courtesy By :
Afifi Arif
Principal Photographer @ Ruckarena.com
“Create The Moments”
Call @ SMS :019-5772599
Official website : www.ruckarena.com
Email : analyzermike@gmail.com

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