Player from Selangor, run towards the try line, to get their first try againts Perak in the Final Match of MSSM Rugby Under 12 2018.

Hi, It’s already over. Yup, The MSSM rugby for Under 12 and Under 18 was already over. We just had the chance to see the Final Match of Under 12 Category between Selangor and Perak last saturday and didnt manage to wait for the Under 18 Match because we are rushing to Ipoh for the last series of the National 7’s 2018.

Let’s talk about the Under 12 Category now. Years ago, the Under 12 category was a bit fair to all the State team with the score and the pattern play was like equal. But it’s already changed after years witnessing that some state were already played a very good rugby and using a lot of skills in rugby.

The top 3 teams in the ranking now is Perak, Selangor and Johor. Last year the final match are between Perak and Johor where Johor won the game and it’s kinda upset for Perak. Perak had been in every Final Match since 2009 if I’m not mistaken and the last winning for them was at 2014 in Kelantan. This year Perak also gone through the Final match but we can say it was a hard luck. Perak lose just 10-12 with Selangor.

Both teams played very well and it’s look like Perak cant settle down for the first 2 quarter and they let Selangor put 2 try for the score to be 12-10. Its really hard for them to get back into the track when Perak’s key player had been carried out by their coaches for because of minor injury. It’s just at the last quarter where Perak manage to get their first try and after that the game has been changed.

They manage to get one more try in the last quarter making the score 12-10. One more try and they can win the game. But it’s again a hard luck for Perak. Last play at Selangor’s 5 metre and the ball knocked on made the referee blow the last whistle to end the game.

Don’t worry Perak, because its not the end and you can try again next year and Congratulation to Selangor for being the Champion for Under 12 Category.

So now Let’s enjoy the moment!

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