South Korean player being hit and stopped by Malaysian Captain in the Opening match of Asia Rugby Championship at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil on 28 April 2018.

Malaysia Rugby 15’s team that was also known as “Fearless Hibiscus” were knocked down by a close result with South Korea in the opening match of Asia Rugby Championship that was held at National Stadium Bukit Jalil on 28 April 2018.It was the first match of the Premier division and Malaysia being the first team to face South Korea.

Malaysia, since Last 2 years showing a good record of rugby and they keep the momentum high after winning the first division of the ARC 2017 last year. All the players also being and keep motivated to give their best for this Premier Division. But South Korea also not an easy team to lose. With their record playing in the division with Hong Kong last year, they are also a tough team to fight.

Malaysia on the first half look a bit nervous with couple of handling errors and some miss tackle to their opponent. They cant settle down and several mistake was done resulting in a penalty and try by South Korea. They also look mentally down for the first 20 minutes. South Korea did not give any chances but to attack as much as they can to save the early point.

Only After several try by South Korea, Malaysia get back on their track and played with their pattern. They could hit and keep the point without any extra try by their opponent. Second half started and Malaysia changed their game and that was when they got their first try following to a good setup of lineout. They also did not miss the conversion to get their spirit back on the field.

Malaysia managed to hold the score and fight hard to try. They get their penalty and make the score to 10 by Malaysia.

Malaysia need to fight with Hong Kong on this Saturday and I really hope something will happen and Malaysia could fight till the end of time.

SO Let’s Enjoy the images for the whole Game….

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