Hi!, We’ve meet again at this so called a Rugby Website specially for Malaysia Rugby Lovers.

This time we’ll look at the historical National Test Match between Malaysia Rugby 15’s Team that was called as the Hibiscus 15’s against KL Tigers Selection which established and based at Negeri Sembilan. It is very exciting becoz this is the first time ever that our Malaysian Government especially YB Khairi Jamaluddin granted the Malaysia Rugby for using the Bukit Jalil National Stadium for a rugby match! A big thanks for YB KJ and all the teams that helps our Malaysian Rugby Community to have this chance.

The match started at 4.30 pm with a very hot but cloudy day. I was scared that the weather could turn bad anytime but God with us. There are not even a drop of water until at the end of the match. beautiful weather, nice view, nice environment, nice pitch, good supporters and can be sum up as the good game in 2018.

This game looks quite challenging at the first half but after a try by Malaysian Player, the mood of the game was changed and the opponent try to make as much as their can to compete. they need to find at least 1 try to proof that they are the selection of KL Tigers 2018.

So Let’s enjoy the action!

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Location :National Stadium Bukit Jalil,  MY
photo Courtesy By :
Afifi Arif
Principal Photographer @ Ruckarena.com
“Create The Moments”
Call @ SMS :019-5772599
Official website : www.ruckarena.com
Email : analyzermike@gmail.com

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