Get Into Rugby – Ipoh 2018

Hi and Greetings to All rugby lovers! Today we had a story to share about the development of rugby in Malaysia. It was the Get Into Rugby session that was held at Ipoh, Perak by the Majlis Sukan Negeri Perak on the 21st February 2018.

Get Into Rugby – Ipoh 2018

It was held at SK Sungai Rokam, Ipoh and total of 209 Students and 23 Teachers were involved. Actually it is the first GIR session at Ipoh for this year and before this GIR had already run 2 session in Perak that is in Hilir Perak.

Get Into Rugby – Ipoh 2018

The Rugby clinic was quite fun combining 38 girls and 171 boys. They also bring new kids to explore rugby through this session. The MSN Perak Spokeperson said that they will really get serious in promoting rugby especially from the grassroot level and will help any school that want to start rugby at their school.

The girls from various school around Ipoh really enjoy the Rugby Session

We also hope that Perak will do good in rugby and they can build up a good rugby generations by time.

Here are the images for the day.

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Location :SK Sungai Rokam, lpoh, Perak,  MY
photo Courtesy By :
Afifi Arif
Principal Photographer @
“Create The Moments”
Call @ SMS :019-5772599
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