It’s been 2 days after the great match between Malaysia and Hong Kong in the second game for the Asia Rugby Championship that take place at Bukit Jalil National Stadium of Malaysia. Hong Kong Rugby as estimated won the game with the score 67-5 but not an easy game for them at the first half.

It was raining 2 hours before the game and the condition of the field was a bit wet. Malaysia was ready for the big fight as they know Hong Kong was the first selection team for the Premier Division but nothing will change their mindset to win. They really need that point to be in the track for the Playoff to be in World Cup 2019. For the first half, Hong Kong and Malaysia played carefully with Hong Kong attacking hard but Malaysia manage to stop several break at the line but some mistake at the ruck awarding a penalty to Hong Kong and they did not waste their time to get their first 3 point through the penalty.

After first 15 minutes, Hong Kong get their first try through a scrum that comes from also a penalty. The scrum was really heavy at HK side and Malaysia had been penalized several times from scrum and ruck. Malaysia did some good move and after that by manage to steal the ball in possession and they could run to their opponent 22 metre lines but lack of support at the ruck makes the ball stop and back to their opponent.

At one time, Malaysia manage to break the line and with continuous support and very good pass, they had their first try. TMO were used by the referee to decide the try and the whole stadium cheers for that try. Malaysia also could get additional 6 points through the penalty in the 22 metres line but the kicking was not very good enough. Hong Kong was leading with 20-5 at the first half and all the supporters cheering hard to see another action in the second half of the game.

It was hard for the second half as Hong Kong had added extra power for attacking and Malaysia keep playing hard but with some miss tackle and handling errors, Hong Kong had added their score through several tries from the penalty and good running through their lines. Malaysia also look very exhausted with the attack from HK and a bit slow to support at the break making their opponent could steal the ball and widening their possession of the ball.

Generally, Malaysia could have played far better than what they had shown on the field. They need more support and continuous training and I believe that we can get better next time. They have 2 games more waiting at South Korea and Hong Kong and we could pray for better game quality after this.The final score of the game was 67-5.

SO Let’s Enjoy the images for the whole Game….

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Location :Bukit Jalil National Stadium,  MY
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