SM Sri Mersing from Johor won the MCKK Premier 7’s 2018

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No words can describe the victory of SM Sri Mersing at the 2018 edition of MCKK Premier 7’s. We are really surprised on how a normal school can beat the mighty Sports school and most of the boarding school in that tournament. It is really an eye opener for all rugby coaches and fans. SM Sri Mersing was managed by Encik Zulkefli who was also known as “Cikgu Zul” with his wife.

We are not there for the first day but we heard a lot about their performance on the first day. Luckily they managed to show us very good quality rugby played by them and they managed to beat several famous school. It is not happened in a fingertip. They had already shown their achievement starting from 2 years back when they won the U15 national school championship.

The final match between SM Sri Mersing and SSTMI was really amazing. They started the try and complete the conversion while SSTMI keep attacking. After a while, SSTMI managed to get their try.

Player from SM Sri Mersing was yellow carded for the reason tackling his opponent on the air.

At one time, Sri Mersing need to play with 6 players when one of their player were yellow carded for tackling his opponent on the air. They work really hard to keep it safe for them.

The last whistle made their day and most of the SSTMI feel very upset with the result that is SSTMI 12 and Sri Mersing 14.

SSTMI Player feeling upset after the game while Sri Mersing celebrate their victory.

SO Let’s Enjoy the images for the whole tournament….

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